trying to identify my cameo brooch

by Susan aka ta'wa'ci'wi'
(Millboro, NC, USA)

front of cameo

front of cameo

Good Morning;

I have a few cameos that i have collected,and would like to find out as much as possible about each one of them,if possible. The first is a cameo set in an 800 silver casing, with an old loose type bail, for wearing as a pendant

I would also like to know everything I possibly can about this cameo..year it was made, type of material the cameo is carved from, and history facts about it, would be greatly appreciated.

I collect alot of jewelry items and would love to have some help,learning about many of the pieces I have. thanks for your help and for having this website forum, available for anyone who wants to learn about their cameos and other jewelry. Blessings To ALL!
Kind Regards;


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