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Native American Clip-On Earrings set with turquoise clusters circle design wiIl most likely be made of Silver
by: Yvonne

Hi Jessica

Your earrings sound beautiful! If the metal into which the
Turquoise cluster gemstones are arranged is Silver, the design you described is in keeping with Native American Earrings. But as no photo was attached, we cannot be sure.

Clip - on earrings are still made by Native Amercican jewellers today, so the "clip-on" attachment style doesn't necessarily mean your earrings are Vintage Native Amercian earrings.

Do they look to you like they have had some wear, a patina of age?
Then there is the most important question about the turquoise stones themselves, being genuine or man-made? Genuine turquoise, especially the even, robbin's egg blue turquoise is quite pricey.

FYI when the post style earrings for peirced ears, first arrived on the jewelry landscape, they were frowned upon by fine jewellery aficionados of the day, and considered "barbaric" ......
Warm Regards,
Yvonne H. Eyre

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