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Have similar ring
by: Robert

I found a ring forty years ago, it is a simple man's gold wedding band with a hallmark consisting of an eagle's head within a square with diamonds on each side of the square. The diamonds contain arrows that point towards the square. The eagle's head is facing right, the ring appears to be plated gold. I found this ring in Goshen, New York about six inches below the ground while clearing my property.

L. B. - Richard Thomas & Co
by: Anonymous

The initials LB with a decimal point after the L and decimal point the B were used by Richard Thomas & Co., Ltd. on Tableware in various Metals, mostly Plated Iron & Steel, Lydbrook, UK) - ca 1870s - 1890s

being a ring band, doesn't fit. The other marks, with arrow and bird head is puzzling - it could be an unregistered mark, if reader has any ideas concerning this mark, for the love of jewelry, please feel free to contribute.

warm regards

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