Two pairs of vintage cameo earrings

by Kim


I have two old pairs of cameo earrings that belonged to my mother. Probably purchased in the 1950's, possibly 60's. Obviously, I know nothing about them value-wise, but if I had to guess, I would say one pair has more value potential than the other.

It is oval shaped post. The background is black. The picture seems to be a male figure in a robe holding his arm out to something/one. Perhaps a child. There seems to be something on his back. Wings? The outside of the earring is gold. The side dept if smooth, then there is gold braid around the outside. On the back there is a gold bridge where the post comes out. It has engraving it, but I cannot read it even with a magnifying gla

ss. Looks kike there might be a few AA s on it. There is also some writing, 3 rows, on the back of the cameo itself. Engraved. Also cannot make this out.

Any idea what it might say, how I can read it and what they may be worth?
Thank you!

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