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Antique Silver, Coin Silver & Value of Silver
by: Anonymous

Hi Kirsten - thanks for writing in. I'm leaning towards silver because of the letters - SIL

Silver is lighter than gold, and dents quite easily, especially being a bracelet which is more prone to knocks.. Many of the antique silver bracelets are not solid silver but "filled" some in fact were filled with wax. The composite material also added weight or "heft".

The "X" could mean a number of things, it could mean it's plated or it could be a duty mark. Not sure. You would need to take it to your local jeweler to test the metal content. I have just posted a eye-popping video on the Antique Jewelry Investor Blog about the Value of old Coin Silver which is .900 purity. Although this item is not silver coinage ;-) it just gives you the general idea about buying and selling old silver.

warm regards

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