Victorian Antique Pink Topaz Bracelet

by Lyn
(Sydney, Australia)

Hello Antique Jewelry Investors,

I couldn't resist telling you about one of my favorite pieces of Antique Jewelry.

I love gemstones, I am a self-confessed rock hound and my favorite is - Topaz.
My antique bracelet is Victorian, it was made around the year 1855. It is set with the most beautiful Pink Topaz that weighs over 30 carats! The shade is just so beautiful and it has not been color enhanced. Thats why I like to buy antique jewelry because the gemstones look more natural.

The color is a soft petal pink color and looks so lovely with the surrounding blue enamel work. The enamel is worked in a scroll and acanthus leaf pattern and the chain of the bracelet is 14k rose gold and and it just glides over my wrist.
This is one of my favorites pieces in my jewelry box. Thankyou Antique jewelry Investor for letting me share my favorite antique jewel with others. Lyn

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