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by: Yvonne

Good Morning Emma!

Emma thank you so much for sending in an image of your beautiful bracelet! It makes cross-referencing that much easier. The maker of your 9 carat gold item is ERNST GIDEON BEK, Inc. (Novelties & Fashion Accessories, Pforzheim, Germany) - ca 1870s - 1919 (sold in the US by BINDER BROS).

The triangle in the hexagonal shaped box stands for the UK - Birmingham and will appear on all carat grades of gold, with the exception of 24 carat gold on Local & IMPORTED WARES - ca 1904 - Present.

The letter at the end is the year date.

The opals are also indicative of the Victorian era. A huge Opal field of "Color" (the early opal pioneers called Opal Gemstone - COLOR) was discovered around the 1870s, in Australia. Subsequently, it became Queen Victoria's favorite stone. Everything Victoria wore, her loyal subjects imitated. By the end of the century Opal Gemstone was one of the most fashionable of stones.

Jewelry as an art, flies in the face of conventional "Art" - because forms of jewelry art, don't need a gallery wall, they can be small in scale and exquisite, taking on the form of a shimmering opal bedecked femme fatal.

Thanks for sharing!

Warm Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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