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Gold ring with ruby with bullhead mark inside
by: Anonymous

I also have a gold ring with ruby (?)
It has 2 heads of bull inside. Only head facing straight with 2 triangular horns pointing up. One of the heads is flipped.
The ruby looks very clear to be original but i'm not sure. It belonged to my grndfather who lived in eastern Europe. Id love to get any info about it. It might help me to find info about my family.


Silver ring
by: Anonymous

I think its a Bracelon ltd ring

I have a ring marked golsil patent pending
the hallmark is as follows

Bld(makers mark) Lion passant(to denote sterling silver) P (date letter)

I think the "Bull" is the Lion passant(sterling silver)
and the n is the date letter

Ruby Ring & Bull Mark Info
by: Anonymous

Hi Leah

thanks for writing in...
there's something about rubies....your ruby ring sounds beautiful...

You can read about Ruby Treatments, Ruby Composite, Ruby Glass Filled, Ruby Flame Fusion and Reconstructed Ruby in the 'Gemstone Treatment Report' link in the Jewelry Resources Here...

For a list of gemstones, the color family and gemstone family click here...

OK. Gold over silver is called Vermiel and it means Silver Gilt. The process of coating sterling silver with gold was popular throughout the 1700s.

There are many, very many animals marks on jewelry, the French in particular have a fondness for animal jewelry marks - Ok. A bull? is it a full bull or a bull's head, is the bull facing you, or is it the bull's profile, if it's the bull's profile, is the bull facing right or facing left, does he have horns, are the horns pointed up or down and what is the shape of the horns, are they round & pointy?

To get an even better idea about animals marks on metal, & hallmark determination please see "A horse is a horse of course not!"

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Warm wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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