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Hallmark stamp W.S.C
by: Mark

good afternoon, ... what does the WSC mean which was marked on a knife blade which did not have any other references to sterling.


A Number of Possibilities for W.C & S but the Decimal Point Was Letter Carrier
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Lorraine!

thank you for your submission. By examining what we can make out -

the letters W.C & S are called the sponsor marks.

the numbers - 22 indicates the gold hallmark for 18 carat gold. This is a high quality and was the traditional gold standard for antique wedding rings.

The letter K is the date letter mark.
It is a Birmingham date letter, because we can identify the sponsor who registered the mark in Birmingham.

Identification of the date letter "K" will
tell you the exact year between 1907 and 1918 in which the ring was made. Unfortunately, it not just a matter of knowing it's a K - the style of the K and the shape of the surround are vital and needed to identify the exact year.

The Birmingham Date Chart can be found at the following link:

There are two possible British makers but the decimal point after the letter W proved to be the letter carrier and we can attribute the mark to the following sponsor:

W C&S WILLIAM CLARKE & SON ( Birmingham, UK) - ca 1907 - 1918

Hope this information will prove to be helpful!

With Best Wishes,

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