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Art Nouveau Jewelry
by: Yvonne

Hi Lee, thanks for attaching a photo of the back of this piece that is clearly from the Art Nouveau era.

You can tell a lot about jewelry by examining the back. The fittings, can often help circa date a piece.

The rather crude looking pin, we can see on the back, is called a watch pin. Pendant watches were worn by affluent men and women during the 1890s - 1910. And the owner of this pin clearly had a lot of style. Art nouveau femininity combine with the masculine elements that underscored time keeping and rational thought.

The piece that tested 9ct, confirms that it could NOT have been made BEFORE 1854. Before 1854 there was no jewelry made of 9ct, 12ct or 15ct.

The pendant watch would have been suspended from this exquisite ART NOUVEAU BROOCH/PIN. The art nouveau era featured free flowing lines, butterflies, dragonflies, intertwining floral patterns and female faces. Among its leading exponents, were Rene Lalique, Maison Vever, Georges Fouquet and Lucien Gaillard.

I think I can see replacement pads, the clue is the addition of the small metal pads behind the findings. However, the replacement pin and clasp appear to have been removed.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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