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How To Sell A Vintage Cameo
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Good Morning

Jane, is it a Cameo Pendant-Brooch? In the 20th century pendant loops became popular. It attaches to a brooch and makes it into a brooch/pendant combination. Examine the reverse, the fittings and findings can help circa date the piece, tell you about the quality and reveal additions or repairs.

The more information you can collect, the easier it will be to sell. First, last & midst, what's the condition like? If it's cracked or chipped or fractured, I'm sorry to say, you won't be able to give it away.

It's definitely not an Antique cameo. Are you sure it's not faux material? If you have a gold test kit, a drop of nitric acid will instantly effervesce if it's genuine shell. Is it signed, anywhere, examine the frame. It's a white metal, which narrows it down...

You need to measure the piece, a cameo buyer, will want to know the length and diameter. Be clear in your description, buyer has to unravel the facts first, try and facilitate, any background history is also very important. If you are not sure of some detail, say what you are not sure about in your description.

Take photos of the reverse, not just the front. If you find a signature, get up close to the mark, and take the photo only when you are in focus. The background should not be fussy and overwhelming; seller may live in the garden of Eden - but buyers are interested in the actual piece.

Not every buyer wants to buy a premier antique cameo. Wire artists, make great use of vintage jewelry pieces and vintage cameo today. Transforming an average beaded wire project into a classic work of wire jewelry art.

Step 1. Read as much as you can about Cameo, start at Antique Cameo link above. Learn and compare what you read with your Cameo.
Step 2. Take great, in focus, close-up photos. making sure you take a photo of the reverse.
Step 3. Listen to some music and relax.
Step 4. Write your description, according to what you know about the cameo. (see above), Some people find it easier to write a title after they have written the description. List your own classified ad on The Jewelry Exchange providing the list price is below
$ 3 000 US - it's Free to list. There are no commissions, no middle man.

If your item is valued over $ 3 000 US (list vintage cameo at the Jewelry Exchange) it is possible to sell privately. Contact Here.

Information about Corporate and Private Sponsorship Advertising and Reviews on can be found Here...

Warm Wishes
Good Luck!

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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