Where Was My Cameo Pendant/Pin Made?

by Karen Harris
(Fleetwood, PA)

I have a cameo that I inherited from my Grandmother. Supposedly my Grandfather purchased it for his mother-in-law (my Grandmother's mother) on a business trip in Italy in either the late 60's or some time in the 70's.

The Cameo is small and can be used as a pendant or pin. The background is kind of a pearlescent black. The face itself is white, and pearlish as well...maybe some kind of shell but I am not sure. The pin part has like the clasp that rotates around the pin. The only thing I really know is that it was supposed to have been made by nuns in Rome or something.

I am sure it is not worth a lot, but it is priceless because of sentimental value. I would just like to know exactly where it came from and who made it. Any information is appreciated. Is there an order of nuns in Rome that make cameos?

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