Whiteco Cameo

by Mag
(anc., ak)

First, thank you for your time and attention to this. I am interested in worth value. Thank you. I have a cameo among others I have found and had over 45 years. In all my search online, I have not come across one that looks like this one.

It has a gold chain and multi-colored gold leaves above and below the inset cameo, the oblong cameo features a woman looking to the right with a short hair style and leaves tied at her left shoulder robe/garment; she is encased in an oblong octagon shape gold plate wherein the multi-colored leaves hang above and below.

On the right and left side of her on the gold plate are mesh-like horizontal golden rungs. It is hung on a gold chain. The gold chain attaches below to a 3-cornered triangle design plate and is pointing downward where it connects to the top part of the oblong octagon gold back plating. The backing is raised, humped, rounded if you will, and not flat.

There is print on the 3-cornered gold triangle plate 'WHITECO'. On the chain clasp itself is also inscripted WHITECO 1/20-12 KT, and below it is another inscription of 1/ with first line following -12 KT) and second second line after the same 1/ and directly under -12 is 20 GF.

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