Who made this FAUX Diana Vreeland/Cartier Blackamoor fur clip?

by Aleta

I have in my possession what I thought was a 1938 Diana Vreeland/ Cartier Blackamoor Fur clip, photo attached.

After taking it in to get an appraisal/authentication, it has been determined that it is a Costume Jewelry Knock off, guesstimate made in the 1940's.

This piece is an Exact replica in size/fang clip/and enamel,with the exceptions being, it's pot metal not Gold, the pearls and diamonds are not real and it's unmarked.

Needless to say this was disappointing, but it then bears the Question...Who did make it and when? About 10 years ago I did find a picture of it in a costume jewelry book, (don't remember which one) and all it said about it was it was "Special" nothing more.
It's odd that through my extensive search online, I haven't found another one of these Faux Vreeland/Cartier Clips.

Was there ever a Cartier/Vreeland copyright infringement lawsuit pertaining to this..Were others made and destroyed?So if anyone would like to put on their Indiana Jones Hat and Search for this Holy Grail, I would appreciate ANY info that you can impart.

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