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Mystery solved!?!
by: Anonymous

I let a swedish jewellery expert, Lars Yngve Johansson take a look at the mysterious bracelet. And he says this: The bracelet is probably from Germany, from around year 1900. It is made of gold plated brass. It's worth 3-400 SEK (30-40 GBP).

I paid 25 SEK (2.5 GBP) at a charity shop. So I guess the mystery is solved now,..!?!

Thankyou everybody who wanted to help me. I love this bracelet and it's so fun to know a little bit more about it.

wish you all a great summer,

Marie Jansson,Sweden.

The Sun and 4 mountains, (probably 5)...
by: Anonymous

The Sun radiating above 5 mountains is the sign of one country... Guatemala!

I had one of these once. Unusual. Gold filled, as it's called, if I remember right, meaning low gold content, but nice looking. JM, I don't know.

The bracelet copies a native style there.

27 years in estate jewelry.

by: Marie Jansson

I think the material in this bracelet can be gold on brass, or just brass. It's much more golden shiny than picture shows. I will try to take a closeup-photo of the mark.


Hi Marie thanks for info. If you manage to get two more shots of the mark (see reply below) will research further.


More Information Requested
by: Anonymous

Hi Marie

what an interesting find indeed! The Four Mountains and the sun/moon have us stumped! We need images of the marks you describe to assist in further research. If you could send through a close up image of the marks, plus another image of the mark including some of the surrounding area, it would be appreciated.

We are moving this question to the hallmark challenge.

Any further information that you think might help in our research please kindly submit as a reply. For instance, do you know if the metal is silver?

You can send through the images to:


best regards


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