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18 carat gold unusual pendant - possibly saharan scene
by: Anonymous

Hi Kristina thanks for writing in with the following jewelry question:

"I was just wondering if you knew what the story was behind the pendant that I have. It was my Grandparents who used to travel all over outside the U.S. I do know that it is 18 carats but that is about the extent of it.

The picture is kind of blurry because I had to use my phone to take a picture but I think you get the idea of what it looks like. On the other side is a picture of a bull, I would say more like a longhorn and its just the head. "

My husband and I have both been puzzling over this one.

Those unusual stick figures on the front of the pendant look similar to the figures you see on rock art in the Sahara region - Sahara rock art, that feature tallish, wavy, line-drawings of people and bulls; with large horns, are usually somewhere in the scene.

Below is an example of a petroglyph in Libya - Sahara. The people of these desert regions, Libya, Algeria, etc. don't generally have the equipment necessary to execute this design, one idea - re-produced by a studio jeweler from a book or photograph. Again if you find any markings, this would provide some vital clues.

If anyone has any other ideas please do join in.

Just wondering how you know it is 18 carat? Is it marked? Examine the pendant carefully with a jewelers loupe or strong magnifying glass and see if there are any marks on it. You can find out how to use a jewelers loupe here.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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