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Dianna the Huntress
by: Anonymous

It is hard to tell from the photo but I think it says Wedgewood on the back which would tie in with the makers mark JW (J. Wedgewood) and it looks to me like it is Dianna the Huntress made out of jasperware.

The lion passant means it is sterling silver and the anchor means it was assayed out of Birmingham. I am not sure of the M date hallmark but here are two links for you to research british date letters.

It is a lovely thing and I am sure your mother will love it, what a fortunate find.

by: Monica

What a lucky find. To me this looks like Jasperware depicting Dianna the Huntress.

As for the hallmarks the lion means it is sterling silver - for pieces assayed in England, this is depicted as a lion passant - a lion seen from the side.
Birmingham: An Anchor, 1773 - present day shows where it was tested.

The JW could be for Josiah Wedgwood and I am not sure of the date hallmark but it should be pretty easy to find.

I am sure your mother will be thrilled.

Huntress Artemis Diana
by: Anonymous

This appears to be a Wedgwood or Jasperware Cameo” lozenger” showing the Huntress Diana.

The full hallmarks will help some one who knows more than I; offer more information on the piece.
My experience would tell me the J.W, is the “Makers Mark” for Josiah Wedgwood; the Anchor symbol is the “City Mark” for Birmingham, the Lion is the “Standard Mark” for Silver purity and the last mark that looks like a “M” would be the “Date Mark”.
Based on the known date marks for Birmingham, there are 2 that seem close-1784 & 1861.

Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable here will be able to offer a closer date and confirm my thoughts on J.W being the Makers Mark for Josiah Wedgwood and when he used that particular mark.

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