Age and identification of the Greek figure?

by Robert Lovell
(Noblesville, Indiana)


I recently found this wonderful piece when reclaiming the wooden flooring from a old farm house (circa 1840-1860) here in Indiana. It measures aprox. 2mm in length and 1mm across. As a collector with varied taste, I was startled at the intricate beauty, wonderful condition and even felt a slight tingle when I first picked it up.

I plan on giving it to my mother and would love to tell her more about it. Could you shed any light on its age and possible origin? I’m sure this was a treasured piece of jewelry that must have been originally given with a lot of love. Especially in a time when little or no hard currency, hard work and long days were the norm for the life of a farms wife in Indiana.
Thank you in advance for any information that you may offer.

Robert Lovell
Noblesville, IN.

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