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RE All Natural Way to Clean Silver
by: Anonymous

Dear Maddy,

It depends on how the stones are set, if they are pronged set I don't see why you couldn't use this method but if the stones are in-cased within the piece itself, I would suggest using the toothpaste only. To submerge the in- cased stones could cause the glue to break down in the other method, especially if the water is hot.

Yes, you need to boil the water first, then when it comes to a boil, take the solution off the heat and put whatever silver you want in and fold the aluminum over the silver so that whole piece is covered. The silver must remain in contact with the aluminum. If you have any more questions feel free to respond. I will respond as so as I check my email. As I do this quite often through out the day, I wish you a very happy new year and have fun with this all natural inexpensive method of cleaning your silver. I am glad you enjoyed my favorite jewel and it inspired you.
best wishes

Cleaning Silver Jewelry - No chemical method
by: Maddy

Hi Jeanette - I loved reading your favorite jewelry story about your grandmother's bracelet she handed down to you.

I got inspired and decided to start this new year with bright shiny silver jewelry. I have decided to clean my silver jewelry using the method of cleaning silver that you describe.

Just a couple of quick questions:
Do you have to boil the water first before you fold the foil over the jewelry?

Also do you think it's a safe method to use, if the jewelry has stones in it? I have an antique silver bracelet set with Citrines and wondering whether to try it out on this bracelet or not.
I was wondering if you've tried this method on silver jewelry with stones?

There are too many chemicals in the world IMO, and I was searching for a natural way to clean my silver jewelry and found your recipe - this no-chemical method makes sense to me, sounds easy to do and also less expensive.

Thanks for the info and a happy new year!

Maddy from Australia

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