All Natural Way to Clean Silver

by jeanette
(harrisonville mo usa)

My Silver Locket  After Foil & Toothpaste Treatment!

My Silver Locket After Foil & Toothpaste Treatment!

Hi Yvonne,
... you wanted to know how I managed to get years of old damaging tarnish off this old silver locket.....

First, I should let you know I have a very young son, and I do not like chemicals of any kind. This way to clean silver is an ALL NATURAL way to take off Tarnish on genuine silver metal.

Take aluminum foil, line a pot add a couple tablespoons of baking soda and put in the pan. Add water to the pan and set on stove top to boil. When the mixture comes to a boil turn off the stove and place whatever silver you wish to clean in the pot. The item must be genuine silver, I believe, for this to work.

Now fold the aluminum foil over the piece, making sure that the silver is in contact at all times. The tarnish is attracted to the foil more so than the silver and will lift away.

Make sure the aluminum stays submerged. When cooled you may reach in and unfold the aluminum. This process may take a few minutes to several, depending on the severity of the Tarnish. My silver locket was pretty bad. I really thought there was no hope. So you might have to repeat the process.

You can actually see the water and aluminum become discolored. That is the tarnish transfering to the aluminum. When the majority of all the tarnish is off, you can then polish it using tooth paste yes tooth paste, Not the gel though.

This foil and toothpaste treatment works great and I can't begin to tell you how new my locket looks. The inside is just as clean except the plastic inserts have yellowed with age over the years.

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