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Amber Gemstone Ring
by: Yvonne

Hi Lisa

Thanks Lisa for writing in and uploading an image of your beautiful amber piece.

Amber gemstone is a fascinating stone, and in Norse mythology, it was the stone that was believed to have magical powers and was chosen for Freya's magical Brisingamen Necklace.

Genuine amber is light (very light) in weight, warm to the touch, very brittle, and electrified when rubbed. It's color covers a wide range, usually a pale yellow and honey to reddish-brown, brown, and red and almost black. Some rare pieces are a whitish color and is called BONE AMBER.

The amber in your ring is two colors and these have sometimes been cut as CAMEOS.
The best quality amber is clear.

Some pieces include "stress marks" which give it a crackled appearance, and some rare pieces contain embedded insects or other organisms from prehistoric times.

Amber was used for pieces as a Talisman and as an ornament in England during the Celtic and the Victorian eras.

Imitations have been made using plastic called AMBROID and can be distinguished by using a hot needle on an inconspicuous spot on the amber. Genuine amber will emit a pine-like odor on contact with the hot needle.

On-line Appraisals can be carried (not recommended for most gemstone jewelry) out HERE....

Warm Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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