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I believe my pendant is glass
by: Debra

After doing some research, I now believe my "amber" pendant is art glass. I see no signs of past animal life at all. Just some very pretty swirls of darker colored glass. I wonder why the maker put on a 14K gold attachment..hmmm.
I thank you for your answers and suggestions and will keep watching!

Amber Inclusions
by: Anonymous

Are there any insects, petals, seeds or flowers inside the amber? The presence of these types of inclusions suggest it might be true amber and will also increase the value.

Amber Gemstone
by: Anonymous

Hi Debra thank you for writing in with the following jewelry question:

"I recently purchased a lot of some pretty nice antique jewelry. There is a 35 gram amber pendant with 14K gold chain and filigree work at the top of the stone. I'd like to know if its true amber or glass and maybe what the approximate value is. It measures 2 1/2" x 1 3/4""

What a beautiful pendant! The Greeks called Amber Gemstone "electron" which is the root word for electricity and the electrical property is one simple way to test amber.

Take a few small bits of tissue and put it on a table. Rub the pendant briskly against a woollen or cotton cloth and then immediately place it in front of the tissue. True amber will make the tissue move.

Another clue is the weight or feel of true amber. Genuine amber is a lot lighter in weight and than its counterfeit sister. If you are surprised when you hold this large pendant how light it feels it most likely will be true amber.

You can Find More info on Amber Gemstone Here.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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