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hopefully this is helpful
by: lisa colon


thanks for your quick response!

the back is open.

there are no points where a pin may have been. it is definitely a pendant.

there is a bail. this is where the 800 mark is.

are you suggesting that this might be a portrait of someone who has passed away? it is not meant to be a religious figure?

i didn't purchase it. it was given to me by someone who does house tag sales, knowing that i love cameos. she didn't purchase it either. it was left over at the end of her sale.

i have no idea of its worth. do you?

your expertise is extremely helpful!


Victorian Mourning Cameo
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Lisa!

I agree with Cheri - unusual cameo and would also like further information.

the roses around the base of the male cameo subject is interesting and in everyone's language roses mean LOVE
the male subject was clearly loved
the cross would signify that the loved one is no longer living

Your cameo is a Victorian mourning cameo made in the Victorian era.

More information on mourning cameo can be found
at the following link which is a video review.

Kind Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Large Cameo Pendant
by: Anonymous

Hi Lisa
that's an unusal cameo subject, and with the cross and all. It seems large for a pendant - is there some kind of a bail at the top? Is the back enclosed or open so that you can see the shell from reverse. Is there no pin at all? Can I ask you what you paid for it? If you dont mind. Regards Cheri

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