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Trifari Jewelry Info & Designers, David MIR
by: Anonymous

Hi Melanie

One designer - Marcella Saltz (1980s-1990s) signed her name.

Trifari Info Here.

Trifari Jewelry Timeline

Gainsborough 1932
Jewels of Tanjore 1945
Talisman 1946
Moghul 1949
Scheherazade 1949
Day and Night 1949
Orientique by Trifari 1950
Gems of India 1951
Coronation Jewels 1952
L'Opera 1952
Evening Star 1954
Pins à la Mode 1958
Triege by Trifari 1958
Sorrento 1959
Etoile 1959
Fantasia by Trifari 1960
The Jewels of India 1965
Trifari's Fireworks 1966
L' Orient 1968
Trifari Light 1968
White Enamel Collection 1969
Ming Collection 1972
Diane Love Collection 1972

Designers For Trifari

Alfred Philippe (1930s 40s 50s to 1966.)
Alfred Spaney (Late 1930s to 1940s) Also Some animal pins
David Mir (1930s and 1940s) Also Some bow pins
Norman Bel Geddes (1940)
Joseph Wuyts (1940)
Benedetto Panetta,
Jean Paris (1958-1965)
Andre Boeut (1967-1979)
Diane Love (1971-1974)
Jonathan Bailey (1970s)
Marcella Saltz (1980s-1990s) Usually signed her name

Signatures & Marks For Trifari

Jewels by TRIFARI(crown over T in Trifari 1920) "used as label"
Gainsborough (1932) "printed version used to ID collection"
KTF (mark first in use 1935) "on metal"
KTF. (taller T than other letters) 1935 "on metal"
CLIP-MATES (1936) "used as label"
TRIFARI (with out the crown above T) "first used 1937 on metal"
TRIFARI (with crown above the T) "first used in 1939 on metal
Orientique by TRIFARI (1950) "Used as label to identify collection"
Ear-Mates (signed in script 1953) "used as label"
T (T hang tag with open detailed crown on top 1954) "metal hang tag on item"
KTF (crown over T 1954) "used to ID KTF Industrial Products"
TIE-UPS (1957) "used as label"
Tie-Ups by TRIFARI (Tie-Ups in script and crown over T in Trifari 1957) "used as label"
Triege by TRIFARI (Triege in script with crown over T in Trifari 1958) "Label used to ID collection"
By Date:
1920 ?Jewels by TRIFARI with the crown over T in Trifari - used as a label
1932 - Gainsborough - the printed version was used to ID collections
1935 - KTF ? used on metal"
1935 - KTF. With a taller T than other letters ? used on metal
1936 - CLIP-MATES ? used as a label
1937 - TRIFARI with out the crown above T - used on metal
1939 - TRIFARI with crown above the T - used on metal
1950 - Orientique by TRIFARI - used as label to identify collection

best wishes

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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