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10kt GF CA arrow heart locket
by: Michael Doran

I have a Heart Shaped locket a little bit bigger than a quarter it has 1/20 10kt GF CA Arrow, on the face of it, It has a cursive letter G on the face and design of like a shield around the G, what is the Value of this locket

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Online Appraisal from can be found at the following link:

CRESARROW -c with arrow through it
by: Anonymous

believe c with arrow through it inside case--cresarrow-have one pendant watch case serial number is 169 ----YES---169----PLATINUM- with a 17 jewel--5 adjustment-serial number--24253-can anyone help help production date-thanks manny

Henry Blank, Passenger of the Titanic
by: Anonymous

Hi Lydia

thanks for the pic, but not clear, OK, Indiana Jones hat on? We eliminate Uncas, it's a U with an arrow, eliminate Carl Art's which as you mention, is CA with arrow through it. Your question, is the Letter C with an arrow through?
We are left with Henry Blank and Co, Newark, New Jersey. Lydia I'm leaning towards Henry Blank and Co or a knock-off copy. Compare the mark and the arrow, on your piece with C arrow marks on the internet.

One of the most intriguing facts about Henry Blank costume jeweler, is that Henry Blank was one of the passengers of the Titanic. Mr Blank was a survivor...

Mr Henry Blank was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA on 17 September 1872. He moved to Newark, New Jersey, while in search of better job opportunities.

In Newark, he began working for a jewellery manufacturer, and apprenticed at the bench where Henry became a goldsmith and subsequently, a platinum-smith. Platinum by 1900 was getting popular and the demand for platinum jewelry continued through to the 1930s, when 18 kt white gold (1915) was introduced.

In the Spring of 1912, Henry Blank travelled alone to Europe to conduct the customary dealings with watch movement manufacturers in Switzerland and stone dealers in Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam.

For his return home, Henry made reservations in Paris to embark on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. A man known for his taste in anything new and the latest in design, it would have been unnatural for him to turn down the opportunity of sailing on the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner.

It's my view, that the unusual history of Henry Blank being a Titanic survivor would add to the interest and subsequently value of Henry Blank and Co Costume Jewelry. If you can get any close-up shots, great, welcome to re-submit :-D disappointed not see clear images of the mark or the front of this piece.

Warm Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

More Info about Henry Blank can be found here

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