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More selling tips
by: Anonymous

Whether to sell as a lot or individually does depend to some extent on the quality of the pieces & whether they are mounted in jewelry or are unset.

Unset pieces of poor quality are probably better sold as a lot, which may be of interest to a crafts person. Set pieces & unset ones of higher quality are better sold separately. I have passed up lots when there was 1 cameo of great interest to me but the others were not ones I wanted & the price for the group was more than the 1 of interest was worth.

For help identifying subjects, see:

Advertising and Selling Your Cameos Privately
by: Yvonne

Good Morning - we would need to see the cameos to understand more about the age and the quality of each one. We offer two highly successful selling pathways on Antique Jewelry Investor:

1. Advertising on our website has been very successful - all of our clients to date who have advertised with us on Antique Jewelry Investor have sold their items.

The final price of many of Sotheby's auction jewels which we have chosen to promote on Jewel of the Month on Antique Jewelry Investor have far exceeded selling price expectations.

2. For rare jewels and artworks we offer a private selling pathway. This selling pathway is based on a commission of the sale price. We use the power of the internet and thousands of global contacts to broker a sale for our clients. Private selling is by invite and referral.

We do all the heavy lifting for you, there are no bloated & confusing selling manuals that you need a masters degree to understand. Our prices are all-inclusive. It is much easier, less expensive and more fun to sell through us. The larger auction houses profit regardless of whether your jewel sells or not.

If you could send through photos of the cameos that you wish to liquidate I can advise you of which of the above pathways would be most suitable.

send your images too:

Your sincerely
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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