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Angel Skin Coral v. Conch Shell Psyche
by: Bronwen

Some typos crept into earlier comments so that a couple say 'angle' skin when they meant 'angel' skin. However, this cameo is carved in conch shell. For examples of both, see:

The subject of your cameo is Psyche:

Caring for Coral!
by: Julie

JAB wow - nice cameo! Is there a bail on the top? Just can't make out. If so it will double as a broach and a pendant. Be careful how you treat this cameo though.
Be forewarned.
The wrong treatment, for example cosmetics, hot water or bright light can ruin coral jewelry. Every so often wipe it over with a damp, soft peice of cloth. If the surface of the coral does get scratched the jeweller can have it repolished. However, being a cameo carving this would be almost impossible. Coral beads - yes they can normally be polished.

Kind Regards

All About Angel Skin Coral
by: Anonymous

If this cameo is angle skin coral - I believe you have the most expensive of the coral colours. Like pearls, it is an organic material. It's a scientific fact that both of these organic gems of the sea are chemically closely related to each other. Both consist of more than 90 per cent calcium carbonate.

Ancient folklore has it that coral evokes a protective and invigorating force. There is an old latino custom of putting a necklace of red corals round the neck of a small child.

Young girls too are often given a fine coral necklace as their first piece of jewellery.

What I think is so precious about coral is that in some miraculous way, coral reflects the complexion of the person wearing it, and gives a positively irresistible effect on her bare skin.

An angel skin coral cameo can only enhance a women's beauty as only angle skin coral can! I think coral is one of the most attractive cameo materials imaginable.

Congratulations! A Beautiful Cameo!

Possibly Angel-skin Coral Cameo
by: Anonymous

Good Evening

Jenna your cameo certainly is beautiful. Because of the very whitish pink colour I think it might be angel-skin that is not shell but precious CORAL. Another reason I think it may be coral is because the back as you mentioned is flat.

Shell cameo are usually a concave shape on the reverse, to varying degrees. Some more concave than others, this is because the cameo is carved from a conch shell and shell is not a flat surface. Coral isn't really either, but larger pieces of coral could provide a flat surface for the carver.

There is a general confusion surrounding angel skin coral and this confusion extends even to the naming of coral colors.

Primary colors of precious corals are:
Red, oxblood red, salmon (peach), pink, angel-skin, white, blush and everything in-between. Angel-skin refers to a more white color with a uniform pink hue

It looks like an antique Victorian cameo also.


Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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