Rose (thats really my name )

by Rose

i love titanic and have always had a great love and passion for the early 1900s as well as past history. people then lived in my opinion in a far better time they really got to "live" life today everthing has become more modernised, people don't seem to talk to each to each other anymore they don't really connect, people used to spend hours in the garden reading books or going for strolls with loved ones playing games being part of their families lives now its all hurry fuss bussle in out living from one box (your home) to another box (the office) kids get nintendos computors laptops cd players mp3s ipods instead of old fashioned valued items like historic books great tales, like gullivers travels train sets and the good old fashioned dolls house.

so i think that whatever can be salviged from the great ship should be all taken from its deep grave and shown for all the world to see to appreciated.

the passengers of the titanic whose lives where lost in a shipwreck that could have been avoided should be remembered and really take in as a contrast to our historic times.

i know personally i get a chill when i see a piece of history, it's like you look at it touch it and you feel like you were right there too, history espicially something as memorable as titanic should be keept alive. people should never forget where they came from or how possibly their ancestors lost their lives. they should have items to cherish an look at an admire as well as respect. that the bracelet, ring, dolls face, the people who wore these last faced there fears and died alone you should look at those items and remember and pray for those souls that they are never forgotten.


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