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Liverino Museum & Giovanni Sabbato Cameo
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Good afternoon Vivian!

Astonishing! An Astonishing Cameo Beauty in high relief - Vivian, I haven't been to the renkowned Liverino Museum in Italy, but intend to go this year, in August. This is the museum, in which the cameo artist, /master Giovanni Sabbato, who carved your masterwork in 1870 has other works displayed.

The actual premises of the Liverino Museum in Italy, itself, is carved out of the volcanic rock for a depth of six meters and incorporated all the best available exhibition facilities and preservation measures. The premises houses a collection of over one thousand pieces of corals and cameos that are said to be unique and "the most important in the world".

I am fascinated by cameos and I know I'm not alone, so I am arranging a cameo tour of Naples, 2013 - provided there is enough interest. The tour, would include a visit to the Liverino museum in Italy in Naples, southern Italy in August 2013. If you have a passion for Cameos and Italy, join me and other cameo lovers from around the world in Italy 2013. Expressions of interest Here.......(FYI - Every month is a good month to visit Naples Italy!).


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Warm Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Breathtaking Antique Lava Cameo
by: Camilia

What a Breathtaking Antique Cameo Vivian!

LAVA, in many colors, from Mt Vesuvius was used by cameo carvers to design intricate carvings.

Mt. Vesuvius provided an abundance of this medium. Because this Lava was a soft, delicate substance, talented carvers were able to produce breathtaking high relief works of art in portraiture and classical scenes, like your Antique Cameo Vivian.

The cameos made from lava were less expensive and appealed to ladies who traveled to Italy. Women treasured these compact souvenirs and liked the status of wearing jewelry that showed that they had been on the "Grand Tour" which was a traditional trip of Europe undertaken by mainly upper-class European young men of means. The custom flourished from about 1660 until the advent of large-scale rail transit in the 1840s.

During the nineteenth century, the waters near the Italian town of Torre del Greco became the location where an abundance of coral was discovered. Victorians believed in the power of coral and thought it could ward off evil. Although the most sought after colors of this sea product were red and black, coral cameos exist in a variety of colors.

Hope this info might help in some way.

Camelia P

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