Selling Lava Cameo Giovanni Sabbato 1870

by Vivian Davidson
(Seaford, DE U.S.)



I am looking to sell a lava cameo by artist Giovanni Sabbato 1870.

What I know:
The cameo is carved from lava and measures 5 cm wide and 6 cm in height and is set in gold.

The artist has works displayed in a museum founded by Basilo Liverino.

The carving depicts a female goddess on the back of an eagle holding what appear to be roses..she has a star on her forehead. A male god looks on at her from the side; an owl is near him.

The goddess is full length..not a bust. I have researched and never come across another cameo of such detail other than the artist's later works.

The piece is presently framed and is in excellent condition. Would you know the goddess and god, value, a potential buyer, or where I could sell?

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