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Pinky the Clown Pin from TV series in the 1950s
by: Teneille

What a dramatic looking clown pin! Because he has the name PINKY stamped on his clown ruffle I think he would be the famous clown Pinky Lee whose real name was Pincus Leff (May 2, 1907 – April 3, 1993).

Pinky Lee, was an American burlesque comic and host of the children's television show, The Pinky Lee Show in the early 1950s. Pinky was known for his trademark undersized hat - the hat on your pin is way undersized.

Some clown pins made by famous costume jewelry designers like Hattie Carnegie are selling in January 2016 for over $400!

Hope you identify the maker of PINKY pin.
He's vintage at 25 years old and he could be quite collectible.


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