Sterling Silver Locket

by jeanette
(harrisonville mo usa)

Antique Sterling Silver Locket

Antique Sterling Silver Locket

This is the locket after I spent loving time cleaning it.

I have been Looking for a locket for the two most influential people in my life. My grandmother and my son.

My grandmother was a single mother of 5 children. My son was not to be. I was told I could have no children. So after the passing of my grandmother and the birth of my son, I needed to keep them both in my heart side by side. So It took me a total of almost a year before finding the locket shown here. It is octagon in shape. It has fine pen stripping and an octagon engraved on the front.

Inside the locket The original rings and plastic inserts are still present and in excellent condition. The rings and only the rings are hallmarked F.M. Co on one end and on the other end sterling.This hallmark is on both rings. Besides the octagon design on the front of the locket and the hallmarks there are no other engravings or markings of any kind which is rare to find in a locket that has not been purchased brand new.

Now for the measurements it is 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch. Just like my grandmother and son this piece is one of a kind and I can now keep them both with me at all times.

I have been told that the locket is from the 20's feel free to add any information on this piece if you have any that I have not mentioned. I have had this piece for over a
month now and only now finding the history of it. Even the seller did not know the history of the piece. I am guessing, if she knew what she had, she would do one of two things, either keep it or sell it at a much higher price.

The piece was on auction on ebay. I won it for 24.00 I was the only bidder and I paid the starting bid price. Now I did pay shipping and handling which brought the price to a grand total of the piece to 28.00. I dare you to find something in this shape for this cheap. I lucked out. It was as if It were meant for me. Everyone else just passed it by.

Though it could have been, because of the heavy tarnish on it that looked like it would never come off, I thought for sure no way is that coming clean. I saw the true beauty in the Piece when all passed it by. I found and placed my bid on the last day of auction.

I am guessing people figured it was a loss cause because of all the Tarnish. As I said I found the beauty in it. It is a rare find and I even know this. I have no knowledge of antiques but I know what I have never seen before, and it was this.

I will never find another piece that was for me and me only again. This to me is priceless. Thank you for letting me tell my story on my Favorite piece of jewelry that I own.


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