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Theo Fennel Info
by: Anonymous

Hi Caroline

Sounds divine! Maybe you could try contacting the company to get more info on this piece. If the jewelry is still in the original box, it will add to the value.

You can get a jewelry valuation carried out by the experts. Info Here.

Here is the link to Theo Fennel cross collection and Jewellery products.

For those who are not familiar with Theo Fennel Jewelry, the following is of interest. Note their Diamond Policy. Theo Fennel are committed to the Kimberley Process and Diamonds that sparkle blood free!

For facts about diamonds click Here...

In the above link, check out the Cartier charm bracelet from the Duchess of Windsor's collection- Wallis Simpson, including a cross commemorating her appendectomy to be auctioned by Sotheby's November 2010.

Theo Fennell is distinctive and inspirational. Their unique style, which subtly combines sleek modern designs with a hint of classical tradition, is reflected in elegant and highly stylish collections, which are instantly recognizable.

Founded in 1982 the company rapidly expanded, doubling the size of the original shop in the Fulham Road, extending the workshop, and becoming established in the heart of London. In 1996 the custom-designed flagship store was built in Chelsea, doors away from the original site. We continue to work from there today with an in-house design team and craftsmen in the studio and workshops.

Theo Fennell can now be seen across the UK and increasingly around the world. With the flagship store in Chelsea, a store in the Royal Exchange (City), a concession in Harrods, a new boutique in Selfridges? Wonder Room, as well as a presence in Harvey Nichols, Manchester, Theo Fennell is also established overseas in Hong Kong, Dubai, Bahrain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Dublin and the Caribbean....

Theo Fennell is committed to principles and terms of the Kimberley Process. This international project certifies and controls all transactions in rough diamonds in order to ensure that the sale of diamonds does not fund any armed conflict or criminal enterprise."

best regards,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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