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Authenticating Dior
by: Steve

Hi, having looked at the signature, it isn't in the lettering that Dior is Always written in. This is very wavy, whereas Dior is a sort of block lettering. I have never seen this type of signature on Dior before. Also, it would normally be signed Chr Dior and not just his last name.

Christian Dior is mostly dated
by: Anonymous

Good Afternoon Michelle!

thank you for writing in. yes, I can understand your hesitation... amazing what you can find when you google... there's an identical one for sale on RubyLane, except with different colored rhinestones, greatly reduced; Christain Dior is generally dated.

I would steer towards NO until proven otherwise... however, I did find it interesting that seller mentions that Dior and JC Penney Flooded the market with this design in the 1990s.
It would hardly be a unique design - and the rhinestones look to be channel set in the photo - not very C. Dior, which is mostly prong set.

Dior's Neo-Victorian NEW LOOK took off, creating such a sensation that when Dior re-introduced the huge crinoline in both day and evening wear; when the full skirts were first shown, it was reported that they were so voluminous they brushed the audience's cheeks. Fashion jewelry to match the fashionable New Look followed.

Most Christian Dior Jewelry is dated and there are variations of the signature from 1947- to the present. Prong set rhinestones are a hallmark. There is some further information about a Christian Dior Bracelet that might be of interest.. Read about the signed Christian Dior Bracelet Here..

Mainly out of curiosity, I would pay $9.70 and have it authenticated once and for all.

FYI Christian DIOR managed to tread the tightrope between sophisticated glamour and high-powered glitz with the use of petal-shaped rhinestones prong-set into hand-soldered settings.

DIOR pieces were commissioned by the leading lights of the day including Henry Schriener, Mitchell Maer, Copppola e Toppo, Sam Kramer, Robert Goosens and Josette Gripoix

Warm Wishes

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