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Photo of Amber Mozart Silhouette Pendant - Germany?
by: Teddington

Yvonne, thanks for writing back. I would be interested in your thoughts. Where can I send you photos? T.

W.A Mozart in Amber Comments
by: John E


A quick comment on this piece to find out more about the value

you have to determine if it's genuine amber or synthetic.

you have to determine the value of the piece as a whole, meaning;

- Quality of craftsmanship
- Overall condition of the piece
- History

Lastly, it might be a good idea to get your item appraised - i beleive this website offers an online apprasial service.


John E

W.A. Mozart Pendant & Recording of Mozart Clarinet Concerto in 1940
by: Anonymous

Good Afternoon!
what a fascinating piece of jewelry Teddington! W.A. are the initals for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a prolific and influential German composer of the Classical era - (b.1756 – d.1791)
The pendant most likely would be a commerative pendant. This is where things get interesting - as it was brought back by your uncle during WWII from Germany - the home of Mozart.

There was a recording of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto by Reginald Kell that still survives. It was recorded in 1940 and enhanced by conductor Malcolm Sargent.
The recording unlike the Amber gemstone with the subject of Mozart in profile is no historic fossil though. Read more about Ancient Amber gemstone Here..

The 1940 new recording of the Clarinet Concerto by Mozart by Kell (many believe is one of the best recordings) would no doubt have been heard over grammaphones and commercial radio during the second world war in Germany and Europe, possibly the inspiration for a European/German carver or Jeweller sensing the mood of the times.

I would love to see this pendant. One reason is because I'm not sure what you mean by "etching" - The page titled Antique Cameo describes the difference between a cameo and an intaglio. I would also like to see the art of the carver and other details.

Best Regards


Reginald Kell plays Mozart Clarinet Concerto

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